Save settings and history (D-Line)

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Save settings and history (D-Line)

Put a USB stick in the USB port and then enter the menu by pressing the "Up" and "Down"
buttons together to get the “Quick options” screen:




















In the “Quick Options” menu select "Export to USB", then press "Start/Stop" button to get the following screen:










For saving the settings select user "Export all settings to USB device", then press "Start/Stop"
button and the settings will be saved to USB, If succesfull the following screen appears:









Press any button to go back to the “Export Options” and then select “All cycles history”

Press "Start/Stop" button and the history will be saved to USB and again when succesfull the
following screen appears:











Both Settings and History should be on your USB stick, which are saved in three folders; “Current”, “Factorydefault” and “History”.
Now you can zip these folders and e-mail them.

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