How to Clean the H20 sensor

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How to clean the H20 Sensor


recommends a maintenance cleaning procedure every 3 months.


When cleaning the sensors it is important that contamination from the ambient atmosphere is prevented.
Therefore MBRAUN recommends that the box parameters are set to a pressure of between +1.0 and +5.0 mbar and that the circulation mode is switched OFF.

Prior to any maintenance work the moisture measurement should be deactivated, i.e. the analyser is switched off.

To achieve optimal moisture measurements the sensor is recommended to be closely inspected within a period of three months.
This routine maintenance consists of cleaning the platinum winding of the MB MO-SE-1 and moistening it with phosphorous acid H3PO4.

The following aids are required for disassembling and maintaining the MB MO-SE-1.

Tool for disassembly (screwdriver flathead )
Soft, absorbent, lint free cloth (cotton)
Small quantity of 85% phosphorous acid (H3PO4)
Blind cover for sealing the circulation pipework (DN40)
Distilled water
Protective clothing, including gloves and goggles


Be cautious when handling phosphorous acid.
Use a fume hood and wear protective gloves and goggles getting in contact with your skin should immediately be rinsed off using running water.
When getting in contact with your eyes, the acid should immediately be rinsed also using running water; afterwards you should immediately consult a doctor.


1. Set the box pressure parameters between +1.0 and +5.0 mbar and then switched OFF the circulation and analyser.

2. Locate the H20 Sensor (H20 sensor is green and has a label with MO-SE-1) and unplug the connector.










3. Losen the clamp that keeps the H2O sensor in the tube
4. Remove the H2O sensor slowly by puling it upwards and at the same time placing the blind cover with the O-ring back










5. Place the clamp so that the blind cover will stay in place (now the box should be closed again)


6. Take the H2O sensor to a fume hood and remove the protective cover










Moisten the platinum winding with distilled water










Carefully clean and dry winding










7.Moisten the winding with phosphorous acid, only use 1 drop










8. Remount protective cover










9. Remove clamp and dummy plug and insert measuring probe and re-clamp










10. Tighten clamp and insert plug connector








After cleaning the sensor, reset the operating hour.

This depend on the model of your display see MBraun Display models

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